Along with functions we also have a service called Value Meals. These ready made chilled meals are delivered to your door 3 times a week ready to be eaten.

We have a summer and winter menu that run in a 4-week cycle. You can pick from 7-8 scrumptious choices ranging from Crumbed fish and lemon sauce to a delectable Beef Casserole and dumplings. There are also 5 choices of desserts to choose from that stay the same every week.

Our meals come in two sizes our value meal $8.50ea and our XL $10.70ea and desserts are $3.90ea

Our value meals now come in bio-degradable trays!

Gavin says his meals are available to anybody and everybody who needs them. They are especially good for people who live alone and who work all day and just don’t have time to cook a tasty meal when they get home.

You just phone in or he will collect your order when he delivers and all of the meals are fresh, not frozen.
The quality of his food is very well appreciated and he is very keen for you to sample it. Just give him a call and he’ll deliver. His promise is “to provide service and meals of a very good quality, which are locally produced.”

See below for our current meal cycle

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